ECHA Announces Exceptional Scenarios for Late Registrants

ECHA Announces Exceptional Scenarios for Late Registrants

Monday, February 12, 2018

Great news for companies that might be facing issues to submit their REACH registration dossier within the due date of May 31st 2018.

ECHA has announced that The Director’s Contact Group (DCG) has identified exceptional scenarios where registrants may find it difficult to submit a complete registration dossier by the imposed deadline.

Every affected company will need to contact ECHA as far ahead of the deadline as possible, and by May 24th 2018 at the latest. The registrant needs to provide detailed justification of its situation and an explanation of the measures that it has taken to comply with its obligations under REACH. When ECHA receives this information, it will give instructions on how to submit a registration by the deadline.

The four scenarios where exceptional circumstances could apply are:

- Completeness of dossiers
- Legal entity change
- Dependency on the lead registrant
- Substance with no registration intentions

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