EH&S Benefits of Hazardous Chemicals Restriction

EH&S Benefits of Hazardous Chemicals Restriction

Friday, February 19, 2021

According to the ECHA study on the Costs & benefits of REACH restrictions, restricting the manufacture and the use of harmful chemicals in Europe proves to reduce risks of cancers, sexual development disorders, asthma or skin allergies. ECHA’s estimates show that when all the restrictions targeted in the study take effect, no less than 7 million EU citizens will be less exposed to hazardous chemicals at work or in their everyday life.

Still according to the study, the restrictions should also prevent the release of at least 95 000 tonnes of hazardous substances into the environment. If adopted, the proposed restriction on intentionally added microplastics could prevent the release of 500 000 tonnes of microplastics into the environment over the next 20 years.

In addition to the multiple benefits of restricting hazardous chemicals, EU citizens will also benefit from a cleaner environment and reduced exposure to chemicals through water, food, and air.

ECHA estimates the costs of the restrictions to €1.2 billion, an amount incurred by the need for companies to replace the now or future restricted chemicals with safer and greener alternatives.

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