EU Citizens and Nanomaterials

EU Citizens and Nanomaterials

Monday, November 30, 2020

A recent survey carried out by the EU Observatory for Nanomaterials (EUON) shows that EU citizens are seeking for better labeling and increased awareness of the risks and benefits of products containing nanomaterials.

The EUON study focusing on five selected European countries confirms there is a lack of knowledge around nanomaterials and in particular around their nature, characteristics and properties which raises concern among the citizens of Austria, Bulgaria, Finland, France and Poland.

Most respondents are interested in knowing whether their everyday products contain nanomaterials through a product label or proper packaging especially when it comes to food and food-related products, medicines, cosmetics, clothing and textiles, toys, and detergents or household products.

The main recommendations of this study are to share information and communicating about the benefits and risks surrounding the use of nanomaterials in Europe as well as extending the survey to all 27 Member States. These recommendations could later enable consumers to better understand how nanomaterials are used and ensure they will make well-informed choices in the future.


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