Mexico Bans Cosmetics Animal Testing

Mexico Bans Cosmetics Animal Testing

Friday, September 10, 2021

On September 2nd, 2021, Mexico’s Senate unanimously passed a bill that imposes a complete ban on cosmetics animal testing, making Mexico the third country in Latin America to vote such a ban after Guatemala and Colombia.

This ban imposes the prohibition of the manufacture, import and marketing of animal tested cosmetics or any cosmetic product containing ingredients or a combination of ingredients which are or were tested on animals.


Manufacturers and importers will need to indicate that no animal testing was performed on the packaging of the marketed products. Any failure to comply could lead to heavy fines or a one- to seven-year prison sentence.

With this final bill, the sector has a two-year transition period to find alternatives for products testing.


Official sources (in Spanish):

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Coordinación de Comunicación Social - Senado aprueba reforma para prohibir uso de animales en pruebas de productos cosméticos



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