Publication of “Specially Controlled Hazardous Chemicals” in China

Publication of “Specially Controlled Hazardous Chemicals” in China

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

On June 2nd, the Chinese Ministries of Emergency Management, of Industry and Information Technology, of Public Security, as well as the Ministry of Transportation, published the "Specially Controlled Hazardous Chemicals Catalogue” (First Edition)" (2020 No.1).

This catalogue includes chemicals which are known to pose inherently high hazards and high risks of causing serious accidents. They also circulate in high volume in China and therefore require special monitoring and control.


The 20 substances targeted in the catalogue are split in four categories: 

1.    Explosive chemicals:

2.    Toxic chemicals (including toxic gases, volatile toxic liquids and solid highly toxic chemicals).

3.    Flammable gas

4.   Flammable liquid.


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