Second Report on Integrated Regulatory Strategy

Second Report on Integrated Regulatory Strategy

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

ECHA announces the publication of its second report on the Integrated Regulatory Strategy. This strategy aims to ensure the proper implementation of the REACH and CLP processes and to help local authorities to identify and address substances of concern.

In this second report, ECHA shows the progress in addressing substances of concern and in the “mapping of the chemical universe”. The report also includes recommendations to authorities and industry on how to manage chemicals’ risks.

Among the 220 high-volume substances, which were reviewed, the Agency found that: 

             56% of substances needed more data to clarify the need for further risk management;

             22% of substances didn’t need further action;

             7% of substances were considered as a high priority for EU regulatory risk management.

Each reviewed substance was assigned to a pool from the chemical universe for regulatory action. By 2027, ECHA wants to have full clarity for all the registered substances through the mapping of the chemical universe and the allocation of the 2400 non-assigned substances to a pool.


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