Summary of Latest Regulatory Updates

Summary of Latest Regulatory Updates

Monday, March 23, 2020

Lisam Systems and WikiChemia are monitoring global regulatory lists updates to ensure our solutions are always aligned with the latest standards.

In the first months of 2020, we have added the OEL values updates of the following countries to our solutions:

Luxembourg, Ireland, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Japan, Finland, Malta, Belgium, Slovenia, UK, France, Estonia, Australia, Europe, Slovakia, Poland, Denmark, Austria, Indonesia, France, Taiwan, Hungary, Romania, New Zealand, Greece and Germany.

In addition, the 7th edition of the ACGIH Documentation of the Threshold Limit Values (TLVs®) and Biological Exposure Indices (BEIs®) has also been implemented.

On March 18th, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published a new version of the TSCA lists which is also available for download from our systems.

With regards to transport regulations, the 61st edition of IATA was also integrated on January 1st, 2020. 

With the help of Lisam’s internal experts, WikiChemia has built a database of industry phrases which has now reached the milestone of over 100 000 entries ready to be used for SDS authoring purposes.

Of course, all the updates are available in our SDS Authoring tool, ExESS.

If you’d like
more information on our regulatory updates and phrases database management, please contact WikiChemia at:

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