Wikichemia Latest Updates

Wikichemia Latest Updates

Friday, March 12, 2021

Our partner @WikiChemia has been quite busy for the past couple of weeks. The latest versions of the following lists are now available for download from our SDS Authoring Tool, ExESS:

·        The 62nd edition of IATA Edition (62nd).

·        OEL updates for the following countries

-                  Lithuania OEL from January 2021;

-                  Malta OEL from February 2021;

-                  Netherlands OEL from February 2021;

-                  Poland OEL from February 2021.

·        The latest version of the European Commission database for information on cosmetic substances and ingredients (CosIng).

For more information on the source of the updates and how we manage our regulatory lists database, please contact WikiChemia at:


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