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ESG Management

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ESG Management

Capture measurable data, configure complex calculations and drive reports to demonstrate environmental compliance.

Lisam Sources provides complete visibility into critical ESG figures across your entire enterprise and helps you reach your sustainability performance goals.

Sources Has The Security, Flexibility, And Efficiency To Help You Succeed.

Centralize Formulas

Centralize all of your formulas in a searchable library to easily make formula changes, optimize energy usage, and cut costs while maintaining production output.

Set Cost-Saving Goals

Using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), our solution helps you set usage and cost-savings goals, track your progress, and benchmark the current state of your energy performance to identify areas across your enterprise with the highest probability for reduction.

  • 01

    EPA Reporting

  • 02

    Peak and Non-Peak Energy Use

  • 03

    JHA Audits

  • 04

    WRI, GRI, and CDP

  • 05

    e-GGRT and GHG MRR Reporting

  • 06

    Scope I and II Estimates

  • 07

    Sustainability Metrics

  • 08

    Climate Registry Reporting

  • 09


  • 10

    Title V Compliance Certification

  • 11

    Deviation Reports

  • 12

    NSPS Excess Emissions

  • 13

    Allowance Management

  • 14

    Seasonal Ozone Inventories

  • 15

    Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAP and TAP inventories)

  • 16

    TRI Release Inventories

  • 17

    NPDES Permit Management Discharge Monitoring Reporting (DMR)

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