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29 November 2023

ECHA Report on Risks Associated with PVC and PVC Additives

On November 22nd, ECHA published the report of its investigation into PVC and PVC additives which, highlights potential risks to human health and the environment. ⚠️📋   The study, initiated based on a request by the European Commission, focused on 63 PVC additives such as plasticisers, heat stabilisers, and flame retardants. 👉 Key findings suggest […]

28 November 2023

EU Biocidal Compliance Check Reveals 37% Non-Compliance Rate

The latest EU-wide enforcement project unveils concerning findings as a third of biocidal products fails to meet legal requirements. The national enforcement authorities checked over 3,500 products across 29 countries. The report reveals a substantial 37% non-compliance rate, pointing to issues ranging from unauthorized active substances to fundamental compliance gaps. 🚫Major Non-Compliance: Non-compliance was identified […]

15 November 2023


Our colleagues from Lisam Korea have been quite busy for the past two weeks promoting safer chemicals through compliance management and hazard communication.  ✅ On 9 and 10 November, 2023, the team attended the 2023 KCMA (Korea Chemical Management Association) Seminar in Jeju. This seminar was a great opportunity to discuss chemical safety management, regulatory […]