Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Lisam’s Privacy Policy

1. The Data Controller

LISAM SYSTEMS SA (referred to as “The Company”, “Lisam Systems”, “We”, “Our” through this document) is your Data controller.
LISAM SYSTEMS SA is a service company, ruled by Belgian Law and headquartered at:
Boulevard de la Sennette 42A, B-7190 Ecaussinnes
With offices and principal places of business located at:
Rue Jean Jaures 5, B-7190 Ecaussinnes (Lisam Systems Head Office)
Otegemstraat 100, B-8550 – Zwevegem (Lisam Systems Zwevegem).
The Company is registered under VAT No. BE 0466.618.795 at the Banque Carrefour des Entreprises (Belgian company registry).
The Company’s activities are to be defined as follows:
– IT Consulting
– Business and management consulting
– Development of business software and applications
For more details, you can visit our website : or get a reach of us via our contact form.

2. Processing of the Personal Data

The protection of your privacy is a primary concern to LISAM SYSTEMS SA.
We are aware and mindful of your entitlement to be informed on the way your private Data is being processed as well as on any information that might identify you personally such as your name, surname, home address, birth date, phone number(s), e-mail address, etc; (“The Personal Data”) that might be collected either when surfing our website (and our mobile/web-applications) or when using our services. This Privacy Policy (also referred to as this “Policy”) is provided to inform you about Lisam Systems’ Practices regarding the processing of your personal Data and the actions taken to ensure their confidentiality and protection.
This Privacy Policy applies to the Data that we collect from:
– yourself, on a voluntarily basis;
– regulated accesses and authentic public sources;
– your website.
This Policy also applies to the Data that is not communicated to us voluntarily but that is collected when you visit our website or when you use our services (see section 3 for our “Cookies Policy”).
Some Data must be provided whereas some other is optional. In this regard, if you refuse to provide the required Data, you may be denied access to some content.
Your Data is collected and processed to fully comply with the applicable Belgian Law and, in particular, with Belgian Act of 30 July 2018 on the protection of privacy in relation to the processing of personal data and with Regulation EU 2016/679 applicable since 25 May 2018.
By accepting this Privacy Policy, you expressly consent to the processing of your personal Data under the terms and conditions described in this Policy.

3. Cookies Policy

Cookies are small alphanumeric text files that are automatically saved on the hard drive of your computer when you are browsing the internet. The Cookies include a unique ID number and allow for the simplified access to the website, enhanced browsing and improved speed and performance of use. They can also serve the purpose of tailoring our website to your preferences. Cookies enable the analysis of the way a website is used to improve the experience of its visitors.
Web browsers settings usually include the option to accept or reject cookies and to notify you when a cookie is being used. Although it may impact the browsing performance and services offered by the website, you are fully entitled to reject cookies at any time.
For more information, check out the “help” section of your browser.
All the saved cookies will be automatically deleted once you close your browser. On our website, the language preference cookies won’t be automatically deleted. Furthermore, any use of our services can be logged.
This means the following Data may be collected:
• The IP address granted upon connection;
• The date and time of the first access to the services;
• The pages browsed for a certain amount of time;
• The browser that was used;
• The platform or operating system installed on your computer;
• The search engine and the keywords used to reach the service;
• The downloaded files;
• The language preferences;
• The link through which you accessed the website.
The Data is processed with the sole purpose of defining the number of connected users per section and to enhance the content of the services and is never used for profiling purposes.

4. Purposes of Data Processing

LISAM SYSTEMS SA shall collect and process your Data only for specific and limited purposes, in particular:
• To fulfil our contractual obligations;
• To fulfil our legal obligations;
• To inform our customers and users on products updates.

5. Duration of Personal Data Retention

LISAM SYSTEMS SA shall only keep the Data for the amount of time reasonably required to pursue the above-defined purposes and according to all legal requirements.

6. Personal Data Communication

Your Data may be transferred to distributors or third-parties, or people who act on our behalf or under our authority, for a processing in line with the scope for which the Data was collected in the first place (for instance, for billing purposes).

LISAM SYSTEMS SA requires from its data processors the same level of protection as the one described in this Policy as well as a contractual guarantee to ensure your Data will be solely used within the authorized scope with the right discretion and security level.

7. Right of Access, Right to Rectification and to Object

LISAM SYSTEMS SA makes a point of ensuring you remain the sole master of your Data. In this regard, you are entitled to rectify, complete or erase the Data you have shared at any time. Pursuant to Belgian Act of 30 July 2018 on the protection of privacy in relation to the processing of personal data and to Regulation EU 2016/679 applicable since 25 May 2018, you have the right to access, update, correct and erase your Data.

By clearly establishing the scope of your inquiry, you may therefore send a signed request in writing to our headquarter address or via e-mail to with your ID card in attachment.

8. Data Protection and Privacy

The access to your data is limited to the Company’s employees who require access and who apply strict privacy standards with regards to data processing. In order to ensure the protection and privacy of the collected Data, we have implemented the highest security standards and we only work with data processors who are also subject to the same standards.

9. Data Transfers to Third Countries

LISAM SYSTEMS SA shall never transfer your personal Data outside the EEA to a country which does not guarantee an adequate level of Data protection pursuant to Belgian Act of 30 July 2018 on the protection of privacy in relation to the processing of personal data and with Regulation EU 2016/679 applicable since 25 May 2018.
Lisam Systems may need to transfer your Data to a third country. In this case, the Company commits to making sure that the Said country guarantees a “sufficient” level of personal data protection (Art 68). The third countries guarantying a “sufficient” level of personal Data protection are recognized as such by the European Commission, which, after analysing the data protection standards of a state, has the power to decide whether the country in question offers an adequate level of Data protection and whether it is subject to becoming a valid country for personal data transfers.

10. Communication and Information

As previously mentioned, the personal Data will be used by Lisam Systems to inform our customers and users on products updates.

11. Hyperlinks to Other Websites

Our websites may include hyperlinks to other websites that are neither used nor controlled by LISAM SYSTEMS SA.
In this regard, the Company may neither be held liable for the content of the above-mentioned nor for the personal Data protection policies of the third-parties that are using them, as their policies may differ from ours.

12. Modification of the Data Protection Policy

We reserve the right to amend this Policy pursuant to the applicable personal data protection laws or according to our practices.
We therefore recommend to regularly review the applicable conditions to be aware of potential amendments. The new versions will be uploaded to our website and the date of publication, featured in the last paragraph, will be updated.
We won’t make any modification that might lower the level of protection of your rights guaranteed by this Policy without asking for your consent first.
For more information on the use of our website, please take a moment to carefully read our “Terms of Use“.