SDSpro Acquisition by Lisam -

1 March 2023

SDSpro Acquisition by Lisam

Lisam is pleased to announce the acquisition of SDSpro, a leading provider of SDS and chemical management services and software.

“Lisam was highly attracted to SDSpro’s experience delivering SDS and chemicals management software and onsite chemical inventory services, and their reputation for outstanding customer service.”, said Lisam America CEO Andrew Nelson. “Lisam’s acquisition of SDSpro compliments our strategy of delivering a broad suite of smart EHS and practical sustainability solutions fully integrated with SDS and Chemicals Management. We are proud to welcome SDSpro customers to the Lisam family.”

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About Lisam

Founded in 1999, Lisam provides smart EHS compliance and practical sustainability software solutions, fully integrated with Chemicals Management. Lisam serves over 2,000 companies across various industries worldwide, helping them streamline their regulatory compliance process, reduce risk, and increase efficiency. With a local presence in 21 countries, Lisam offers a wide range of mission critical EHS software solutions for Incident Management, Audits & Inspections, Sustainability Sources Management and Chemical Inventory Management, as well as Product Stewardship software solutions for Substance Volume Tracking and Safety Data Sheet Authoring, Distribution and Management in 56+ languages for 42 supported regions.

About SDSpro

SDSpro provides SDS and chemical inventory management software and services to comply with OSHA’s HazCom 2012, including SDS sourcing, indexing, and management. SDSpro software and services allow customers to choose between a cloud-based or deployed online library of the latest SDS and secondary labels, and includes a Mobile Data Collector to streamline their process of taking a comprehensive inventory of their onsite chemicals. Since it’s inception, SDSpro has served more than 700 customers across the United States and Canada.