SEAC Agrees on Draft Opinion Restricting Lead in Outdoor Shooting

SEAC Agrees on Draft Opinion Restricting Lead in Outdoor Shooting

Friday, June 3, 2022

ECHA announces its Committee for Socio-Economic Analysis(SEAC) agreed on a draft opinion on restricting the use of lead in ammunitionfor hunting, outdoor sports shooting and in fishing.

According to SEAC, it is necessary to address the identifieddangers and guarantee a uniform level of protection for people and theenvironment across the EU. The Committee does, however, recommend severalchanges. SEAC will need more information in several areas before deciding onthe restriction's potential consequences.

In its draft, the Committee recommends:

1)     A shorter transition period for the use of leadgunshot for hunting: from 5 years down to 18 months. SEAC finds that there isnot enough evidence to suggest that the 5-year transition period is required.Further information on this will be asked as part of the upcoming consultationprocess

2)     Labelling of lead ammunition and fishing sinkersat point of sale: SEAC and RAC agree that the same 1% weight by weightthreshold used to limit the use and sale of lead ammunition should be presenton the labels.

3)     Derogation for lead gunshot in sports shooting:according to the SEAC, if a derogation is preferred, it should follow somelimitations on shot sizes used. The goal is to preserve as much of the benefitsof a ban on the sale of lead gunshot as possible.

The full updated proposal will be made available on June 29th,2022, when the 60-day consultation period starts. A final opinion is set to beadopted in December 2022, and both RAC and SEAC’s opinions will be sent to theEuropean Commission at the start of 2023.

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