SDS Indexing

Digitization of the SDS Content through SDS Indexing

One of the many challenges faced by chemical manufacturers and buyers is the availability and relevance of the safety documents provided by their suppliers. In some cases, suppliers SDS are missing, not compliant or not updated in a timely manner. These failures to comply constitute a significant safety risk for manufacturers and chemical downstream users and jeopardize their EH&S compliance efforts. Lisam has chosen to respond to this challenge by facilitating hazard communication through the digitization and centralization of your suppliers SDS.


Lisam Systems offers a series of solutions and services which will not only address the compliance and quality issues of the suppliers SDS, but will also ease the communication of hazard information from your suppliers to your buyers (upstream and downstream).

Our solutions and services include:

  • Collection of missing SDS (update request, missing or wrong SDS information) and automated follow up requests;
  • Automated assessment of SDS template quality with our SDS Robot;
  • Digitization of supplier SDS with our SDS Robot;
  • Automated distribution of the authored documents to your own customers;
  • Simplified generation of safety documents based on digital SDS for downstream users;
  • Straightforward comparison and validation of the content of the supplier SDS;
  • Automated content matching with our standard phrases catalogue;
  • Eased processing of digital SDS to author your own compliant documents (in multiple formats and languages).