Flemish Reach Implementation Project - Lisam

7 December 2022

Flemish Reach Implementation Project

Next week Essenscia will host anonline event within the framework of VLARIP (the Flemish Reach ImplementationProject). The event will consist in workshops sessions focusing mostly on the amendmentto REACH Annex II which enters into force in January 2023.

We are pleased to announce ourcolleague Frans Lemaire  will also be presenting and covering the following topic: “the experiencesof the new REACH annex II format – Most frequently asked questions when movingfrom 2015/830 to 2020/878”.

The event is aimed for Flemishcompanies.

Info and booking: https://www.essenscia.be/event/vlarip-workshop-aandachtspunten-opmaak-veiligheidsinformatieblad/