Annex VIII to CLP Regulation

In less than a year from now, Annex VIII amending Article 45 of CLP will be applicable for consumer use.

To help you comply with this major regulatory update, we, at Lisam, offer a comprehensive solution to manage the Annex VIII requirements in the best possible way.

Regulatory Context

What is expected from importers and downstream users operating in the EU

Creation of a Unique Formula Identifier (UFI) to be affixed to the label of hazardous mixtures and/or printed on the SDS.

Submissions of hazardous mixtures dossiers in PCN format to the body appointed by each Member State.

When Am I Expected to Comply

End of Transition
22nd March
Adoption 2017/542
1st January
Submissions Consumer
1st January
Submissions Professional
1st January
Submissions Industrial

We can help you to prepare for the first submission deadline!

Our Annex VIII Package Offer

ExESS Offer:

UFI Generator

EuPCS List

Dossiers in PCN format ready for Submission.

PubliChem Offer:

Automated Submission of Dossiers in PCN format to Appointed Bodies.