PubliChem is an advanced web-application designed for chemicals suppliers, manufacturers or resellers struggling with SDS Distribution, SDS Versioning and SDS Management.

PubliChem is an all-in-one solution that will help you tidy up your safety documents for the utmost regulatory compliance and customer satisfaction.

Why Do I Need PubliChem?

  • lisam I deal with a great number of ordered products daily
  • lisam I need to track the products updates
  • lisam I need to store and archive my SDS(s) and my company lacks the storage facilities
  • lisam I market or resell my products worldwide and/or in the EU
  • lisam I struggle to distribute the Safety Data Sheets in a timely manner
  • lisam I would like to track whether a document has been received
  • lisam My customers would like to receive their SDS upon request
  • lisam My customers have a hard time contacting me
  • lisam My customers are not receiving the updated SDS in due time
  • lisam My customers need a centralized access to the existing SDS
  • lisam My customers perform too many operations to access their safety documents
  • lisam My customers need a space to report issues

You identify to three or more items of the above checklist? PubliChem is the ally you have been looking for!

PubliChem is a web-platform developed for:

SDS Distribution

PubliChem distributes your SDS and safety documents to your customers through a fully automated process.

lisam Link PubliChem with your SDS Authoring software and dynamically import all your existing data

lisam Synchronize PubliChem with your ERP system and ensure a seamless SDS distribution based on orders and updates.

lisam Send the documents according to your customers region and language

lisam Make sure your customers have downloaded the file with our tracking and reporting functions.

SDS Management

PubliChem works as an online storage area for all your documents. It helps you to store your archived documents and manage your SDS versions.

lisam Apply advanced filtering and retrieve the needed information with greater accuracy

lisam Find back any needed document at any time in just a few seconds

lisam Manage your updates and create versions

lisam Organize your SDS Versions and make sure your documents are always updated.

Supply Chain Communication

PubliChem is also a user-friendly communication platform which allows direct communication with your customers and an efficient exchange of information online. With PubliChem , your customers will always find what they need on the platform and you will ensure a 24/7 access to critical safety information!


Free Account for Your Customers

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Customizable Screens

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Why Choose PubliChem?









PubliChem enhances business activities by generating less support to the complete satisfaction of your customers

Save up to 50 % of the time you would spend from a manual and fragmented documents management.

Promote internal communication and processes by giving your team access to PubliChem with the right level of clearance.

Join the network of PubliChem users now and create new business opportunities!

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