Brazil Progresses Towards National Chemical Management Law

26 June 2024

Brazil Advances Toward National Chemical Management Legislation

In a significant step toward bolstering its regulatory framework, Brazil’s Senate Committee on Science, Technology, Innovation, and Informatics (CCT) has recently approved a chemicals management bill that takes inspiration from the European REACH regulation. This move positions Brazil closer to establishing a comprehensive national chemical management policy.

Key Aspects of the Proposed Chemical Mangement Legislation

The proposed bill (PL 6120/2019) moved forward in the Senate on April 24, 2024. It aims to create a national inventory for industrial chemicals within the country. The bill focuses on prioritizing risk assessment and requires authorization for specific substances. Additionally, it proposes setting up a committee to oversee substance review and management recommendations.

This legislation is designed to align with global best practices in chemical management. It offers a structured approach similar to those adopted in various European countries. This initiative reflects Brazil’s commitment to enhancing its industrial safety standards and environmental protection measures.

Implications for the Chemical Industry

Brazil’s chemical industry, ranked as the sixth largest globally, will experience significant impacts from this legislation. The bill’s comprehensive approach to chemical management aims to enhance safety, transparency, and innovation within one of the country’s most dynamic sectors.

Exemptions and Special Considerations

The bill outlines exemptions for certain products and substances, including medical and diagnostic devices, cosmetics, personal care products, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and more. These exemptions aim to streamline the management process and avoid overlap with existing regulations governing these products.

Next Steps in the Chemical Management Legislation Process

After approval by CCT, the bill advances to the Senate’s environment committee and the committee on social affairs for additional review. If passed, it proceeds to the president for final approval. Once the law is enacted and the national registry is operational, stakeholders will have three years to register substances.

Regional Impact and Global Alignment

With this legislation, Brazil aims to align with Latin American countries like Chile, Colombia, and Costa Rica, all of which have established comprehensive national chemicals management frameworks. This move not only improves Brazil’s regulatory framework but also strengthens its role in global chemical management.

Supporting Compliance for the Brazilian market

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